Camellia: Work In Progress

Camellia: Work In Progress

Camellia: Work In Progress

Descriptions and photographs of the new camellia species collected during the authors' plant collecting travels in Vietnam and China.

By Dr. George Orel and Anthony S. Curry

This new publication follows their "In Pursuit of Hidden Camellias" which introduced a morphological system and 32 new camellia species and seven new camelia sections from Vietnam and China. "Camellia: Work in Progress"  is a further extension of the camellia morphological system with 26 new camellia species and two new sections.

Dr. George Orel holds bachelor and honours degrees in horticulture and a doctorate in plant breeding and genetics from the University of Western Sydney, Australia. He has also had 16 years experience working on the botany and taxonomy of the family Theaceae and Camellia.

Mr. Tony Curry has a diploma and graduate diploma in applied science (agriculture) from Hawkesbury Agricultural College Richmond, NSW, Australia, as well as a graduate diploma in technical education from the University of Technology, Sydney. Curry has travelled throughout South East Asia undertaking 26 years field work in botany and taxonomy of the genus Camellia.

Camellias -- Vietnam.
Camellias -- China.
Camellias -- Morphology.

457 pages : colour illustrations, maps
Includes bibliographical references (pages 441-456)
Text and photographs © George Orel and Anthony S. Curry 1999-2019

Publisher: Theaceae Exploration Associates