MGCS Perry Show 10/16/21

MGCS Perry Show 10/16/21

American Camellia Society

Show Results
October 16, 2021

Edna Bass
Japonica 'Edna Bass'
Middle Georgia Camellia Society
October 16-17, 2021
Georgia National Fair
Miller-Murphy-Howard Building
401 Larry Walker Parkway
Perry, Georgia

Show Chairwoman - Sandra Williams
Reporter - David Williams
Head Judge/Chairperson of Judges - John Newsome

"Accredited Judges - Jim Dickson, Paul Greenway, Fred Jones, Sandra Jones,Paula Karrh, Catherine Kubeny, Ross Kubeny, Annelle Lauder, Anne Lynn, Max McKinney, John Newsome, Bill Nichols, Linda Nichols, Billy Ray Price, Maureen Price, Howard Rhodes, Mary Rhodes, John Scarpucci, Penny Scarpucci, Nancibeth Shealy, Anna Sheets, Tammy Williamson, Ron Wolfe"

Novice Judge(s) - None

576 Blooms Exhibited
720 Attendees
40 Exhibitors
0 New ACS Memberships


Gold Certificate (unprotected): 51 Blue ribbons, Fred & Sandra Jones
Silver Certificate (unprotected): 43 Blue ribbons, Bill & Linda Nichols

Gold Certificate (protected): 29 Blue ribbons, Howard & Mary Rhodes
Silver Certificate (protected): 11 Blue ribbons, Steve & Gayle Lawrence


Best Bloom in Show unprotected: 'Leone Summerson', Mark Crawford

Best Bloom in Show protected: 'Edna Bass', Howard & Mary Rhodes

C. japonica unprotected:
Lg/VLg: 'Daddy Mac', Paul & Corinthia Greenway
RU: 'Bobbie Fain', Fred & Sandra Jones
Md: 'Marie Crawford', Fred & Sandra Jones
RU: 'Bev Piet's Smile', Iris Shealy
Sm: 'Happy Times', Bill & Linda Nichols
RU: 'Kiku-Toji', Paul & Corinthia Greenway

C. japonica protected:
Lg/VLg: 'Lauren Tudor', Steve & Gayle Lawrence
RU: 'Bev Piet's Smile', Howard & Mary Rhodes
Md: 'Magic City', Steve & Gayle Lawrence
RU: 'Helen Beach', Steve & Gayle Lawrence
Sm: 'Kiku-Toji', John Newsome
RU: 'Little Babe Var.', Steve & Gayle Lawrence

C. reticulata (Inc. hybrids w/retic parent) unprotected:
VLg: 'Ray Gentry Var.', Fred & Sandra Jones
RU: 'Pleasant Memories', Fred & Sandra Jones
Lg: 'Massee Lane', Tommy & Brenda Alden
RU: No Entry
Sm/Md: 'Crimson Candles', Paul & Corinthia Greenway
RU: 'Valley Knudsen', Fred & Sandra Jones

C. reticulata (Inc. hybrids w/retic parent) protected:
VLg: 'Ruta Hagmann', Howard & Mary Rhodes
RU: No Entry
Lg: No Entry
RU: No Entry
Sm/Md: No Entry
RU: No Entry

C. hybrid (w/no retic parent) unprotected:
Lg/VLg: 'Black Knight Var.', Fred & Sandra Jones
RU: 'Cile Mitchell', Paul & Corinthia Greenway
Md: 'Wendzalea', Mark Crawford
RU: 'Julia Pink', Fred & Sandra Jones
Sm: 'Night Rider', Bill & Linda Nichols
RU: 'Punkin', Fred & Sandra Jones

C. hybrid (w/no retic parent) protected:
Lg/VLg: 'Black Knight', Tommy & Brenda Alden
RU: 'Mona Jury', Steve & Gayle Lawrence
Md: 'Julie Var.', Howard & Mary Rhodes
RU: No Entry
Sm: No Entry
RU: No Entry

Miniature - any species unprotected:
BB: 'Lipstick', Bill & Linda Nichols
RU: 'Fircone Var.', Fred & Sandra Jones

Miniature - any species protected:
BB: 'Just Darling', Howard & Mary Rhodes
RU: 'Fircone', Howard & Mary Rhodes

Sasanqua or Hiemalis grown protected or unprotected:
BB: 'Marie Kirk', William & Sandee Khoury
RU: No Entry

Best Species protected or unprotected: 'Christmas Carol', William & Sandee Khoury

White Bloom unprotected
BB: 'Dorothy Chester', Paul & Corinthia Greenway
RU: No Entry

White Bloom protected
BB: 'Mary Alice Cox', Howard & Mary Rhodes
RU: No Entry


Best Seedling or Sport protected or unprotected: 'HR 2 Japonica', Howard & Mary Rhodes


Best Tray of Three-same variety unprotected - Japonica or Non-Retic Hybrid: 'Emmett Barnes', Warren & Cheryl Thompson

Best Tray of Three-same variety protected - Japonica or Non-Retic Hybrid: 'Kiku-Toji', John Newsome

Best Tray of Five-different varieties unprotected - Japonica or Non-Retic Hybrid: 'Various', J. D. Thomerson

Best Tray of Five-different varieties protected - Japonica or Non-Retic Hybrid: No Entry


Novice Blooms:
BB: 'Daikagura', Bob & Michelle Allen
RU: No Entry


Georgia National Fair grown protected or unprotected:
BB: 'Georgia National Fair', Bill & Linda Nichols
RU: No Entry