1947 American Camellia Yearbook

Table of Contents

Inside Cover and Yearbook

ii The Flower Market

v American Camellia Yearbook - 1947

vi American Camellia Society - Officers, State Directors, Directors-at-Large

vii Table of Contents

1 How the Camellia Came to California

A. E. Morrison

6 Early American Camellias

R. J. Wilmot

29 Chinese Camellia Literature

R. J. Wilmot

31 Japanese Camellia Names

R. J. Wilmot

36 Camellias from Seed

O. E. Hopfer

39 The Chromosomes of Camellia

L. P. V. Johnson

41 Pollen Studies in Camellia

L. P. V. Johnson

43 Easy Method of Germinating Camellia Seed

R. J. Wilmot

44 Growing Camellias from Seed

J. S. Bradford

47 My Experience with Camellia Seedlings

K. Sawada

50 Vermiculite as a Medium for Propagation by Cuttage

J. L. Cope

51 Propagation by Cuttage

Onis D. Hyatt

59 Leaf-Bud Cuttings

John V. Watkins

61 Budding

R. J. Wilmot

62 Tools for the Amateur Camellia Propagator

S. L. Marbury

65 How to Graft Camellias

Walter A. Wilson

69 Summer Grafting

William E. Woodroof

72 Root-Piece Understock

Ira S. Nelson

76 Propagation by Inarching

Walter G. Hazlewood

80 The Camellia as a House Plant

Paul Ackerman

83 Camellias under Glass

W. G. Carter

86 Greenhouse Culture of Camellias

Jos. B. Fueglein

90 Growing Camellias in Containers

Claude Chidamian

100 A Living Slat-House

A. W. Solomon

103 Planting Camellias in Sandy Coastal Soils

Norman Peck

106 Hardiness of Camellias

P. W. Zimmerman

108 Sarpen up Those Rusty Shears

C. Norwood Hastie, Jr.

116 Camellia Diseases, 1946-1947

Erdman West

122 Bellingrath Gardens

Walter Duncan Bellingrath

128 Camellia Varieties

H. Harold Hume

135 Fish-Tail Camellias

H. Harold Hume

137 Camellia Leaves

H. Harold Hume, Erdman West

141 Camellia Variety Poll

W. T. Wood

144 Camellia Sasanqua Varieties

Sigmund J. Katz

148 The W. G. Lee Camellias

Dr. W. G. Lee

152 Exhibition Policy and Management

153 Camellia Shows

162 Errata

163 Additional Members

179 Index

187 Advertisements