1948 American Camellia Yearbook

Table of Contents

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vi American Camellia Yearbook - 1948

vii American Camellia Society - Officers, State Directors, Directors-at-Large

vii Table of Contents

1 The Charm of Camellias

Dr. Maurice Amsler

18 Commercial Camellia-Flower Production

Joe Richards

31 Hormones, Chemicals, and Camellias

James Stokes

40 Camellia Reticulata in the Pacific Northwest

John W. Schaefer

42 Camellias in Raleigh, North Carolina

Mrs. R. L. McMillan

48 McComb, The Camellia City, and Its Locally Named Camellias

Otis Cotten

52 Magnolia Gardens

C. N. Hastie, Jr.

58 The Nomenclature of Some Japanese Camellias

E. G. Waterhouse

64 Australian Importations

William E. Wylam

69 Camellias in the Northwest

Mrs. O. B. Thorgrimson

72 History of Camellias in Central Florida

M. J. Daetwyler

75 Experiments on the Flowering of Camellias

James Bonner

82 Descriptions of Varieties Illustrated

H. Harold Hume

83 Progress Report on Camellia Breeding

W. E. Lammerts

89 Storing Camellia Pollen

K. Sawada

90 Rooting Responses of Several Varieties of Camellia Japonica

Onis D. Hyatt

93 1947 Camellia Cutting Experiments

K. Sawada

98 Use of a Collar in Grafting

Dr. Chapman J. Milling

100 Leaf Beetles Attacking Camellias

A. N. Tissot, H. Harold Hume

107 Possibility of Utilizing Virus Infection as a Means of Producing New Varieties of Camellias

A. G. Plakidas

110 Camellia Scab

A. G. Plakidas

117 Camellia Root Rot

D. L. Gill

120 Dieback

Sigmund J. Katz

124 More About Camellia Dieback

Erdman West

127 Tests with New Insecticides

R. A. Hetrick

129 Hardiness of Camellias

E. Frank Zieser

129 The Winter in Greenville, Mississippi

E. Frank Zieser

130 Cold-Weather Camellias

L. Dow Pender, Jr.

137 The Winter in Wilmington, N. C.

S. L. Marbury

138 Camellia Japonicas Survive Hard Winter, 1948

Rev. Frank Stanford Persons II

140 How Camellias Behaved Through Two Snowstorms in Virginia

Miss Evelyn Collins Hill

142 Camellias in Knoxville, Tennessee, 1948

Miss Eleanor W. Haasis

143 Cold-Resistant Varieties

R. J. Wilmot

143 El Paso, Texas

Mrs. G. H. Wilson

144 Flower Arrangement with Camellias

Mrs. Arthur P. Teele

153 The 1948 Arrangement Contest

Mrs. W. T. Wood

160 Illges Medal

W. T. Wood

163 New Camellia Varieties

176 1948 Camellia Variety Poll

William T. Wood

177 Camellia Shows

184 List of Members

219 Index

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