1949 American Camellia Yearbook

Table of Contents

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v American Camellia Yearbook - 1949

vii American Camellia Society - Officers, State Directors, Directors-at-Large

viii Table of Contents

1 Camellias around the World

Ralph S. Peer

22 Camellias New and Old

W. Arnold-Forster

31 A Southwestern Garden-Huntington Botanical Gardens, San Marino, California

William Hertrich

38 Experiments on Camellia Nutrition

James Bonner and Shigeru Honda

49 Experiment in Deficient Feeding of Camellias

Ben Holst

53 The Effect of Continuous Light High Nutrient Level and Temperature on Flowering of Camellia Hybrids

Walter E. Lammerts

57 Growing Camellias on Sandy Soils

B. R. Fudge

64 Vermiculite as a Soil Amendment for Growth of Camellias

Walter J. Friedmann, Jr.

69 The Chromosomes and Plant Breeding

A. P. Lorz

78 Landscape Use of Camellias

William S. Wiedorn

82 Further Experiences with Camellia Breeding

K. Sawada

86 A Review and Study of Some of the Breeding Aspects of Camellia Japonica

George Sawada

95 Camellia Reticulata - An Enigma

Robert Casamajor

107 Camellia Sasanqua

Takashi Tanahashi

109 Resuscitation of the Dying

Dr. Maurice Amsler

112 The Effect of Fungicidal Dips on Rooting Camellia Cuttings

Henry F. Swanson

116 Camellias in English Gardens

H. Harold Hume

118 My Persona lObservations of Camellia Variants Brought about by Grafting and Rooting Cuttings

S. D. Coleman

122 Insects Infesting Camellias

A. E. Morrison

141 Corky Outgrowths on Camellia Leaves

A. G. Plakidas

147 Control of Insect Pests of Camellias

L. C. Kuitert

155 Camellias in New Zealand

E. G. Waterhouse

159 A Cameo on the Camellia, from New Zealand

Gordon Adams

164 Notes on Georgia Camelliana

James Stokes

187 The J. E. Youtz Camellia Collection

J. Ellsworth Youtz, Jr.

192 Camellias in Marshallville, Georgia

John D. Wade

198 Camellia Growing in Charlotte, North Carolina

Miss Cora A. Harris

202 Tidewater Virginia Compares Its Camellias

Frederic Heutte

206 Camellia Growing in the Portland Area

Mrs. J. S. Birrel

208 Camellias as House Plants

Dr. Albert J. Irving

211 Camellias at the University of Washington Arboretum

Robert J. Hansen

212 More about Hardy Camellias

P. W. Zimmerman

214 Preliminary Report on Trial of Camellia Varieties for Winter Hardiness on Long Island

Walter E. Lammerts

218 Cold Damage to Container-Grown Camellias in the Pasadena Area

William E. Wylam

222 Camellias Withstand Flood and Cold in Pacific Northwest

Morrie L. Sharp

226 Camellias in Columbia, South Carolina

Chapman J. Milling

229 Camellias in East Texas

Charles R. Aber

232 Effect of Severe Cold on some of the Newer Camellias

W. J. Parkes

234 The Spelling of Camellia Varietal Names

Austin Griffiths, Jr.

240 New Camellia Varieties

254 Registration of New Varieties

R. J. Wilmot

259 The Fourth Annual Meeting

259 Precautions to Observe in Exchanging Scions and Plants

Edgar C. Tullis

260 My Wishes for the Camellia of the Future

K. Sawada

263 Classification of Camellia Blooms by Structural Forms

R. J. Wilmot

265 Purpose and Program of the American Camellia Society

Harold L. Paige

269 The Verschaffelt Camellias

David W. McLean

277 Camellias for Milady

Mrs. L. Houston Reusch

281 Illges Medal Award, 1949

W. T. Wood

281 The 1949 Arrangement Contest

Mrs. W. T. Wood

291 Designing the Camellia Show Layout

Hubert B. Owens

295 Proposed Procedure for Staging a Camellia Show

Frank M. Exley

300 Definitions of Terms used in Camellia Shows

Mrs. W. T. Wood

307 Camellia Shows

324 List of Members

372 Index

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