1950 American Camellia Yearbook

Table of Contents

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v Foreword

vii American Camellia Society: Officers, State Directors, Directors-at-Large

viii Table of Contents

x Color Illustrations and Black & White Illustrations

1 The New Camellia Reticulata Hybrids

Dr. W. E. Lammerts

12 Notes of Varieties of Camellia Sasanqua

Kan Yashiroda

30 Camellias Imported by E. A. McIlhenny

Ira S. Nelson

37 Star Nursery Camellias

Frank D. Williams and Roy T. Thompson

47 Early Occidental Camelliana Part I

James Stokes

71 Some Notes on the Hong Kong Camellias

Ralph Dean

75 Camellias in Italy

E. G. Waterhouse

80 Camellia Culture in Belgium

Roger de Bisschop

83 Guichard Soeurs Nursury

H. Harold Hume

85 Camellias Abroad - 1950

Ralph and Monique Peer

92 The Camellia and Magnolia Conference of the Royal Horticultural Society

Ralph S. Peer

99 Some Interesting Camellias in England

C. P. Raffill

103 English Camellia Hybrids

W. Arnold-Forster

107 Chromosome Numbers in Cultivated Camellias

Earl B. Patterson, Mary Olga Longley, Donald S. Robertson

113 A Preliminary Report on Some American Camellia Hybrids

H. C. Swim

117 The Clower Seedlings

Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Clower

121 My Experience with Camellia Seedlings

R. L. Wheeler

124 Look-Away Gardens Camellias

Dr. and Mrs. H. G. Mealing

134 The Covina-Azusa-Glendora Camellias

Roy T. Thompson

142 The Gracious Lady and Rosebud Farm

Herbert V. Mitchell

144 Eight New Camellias from the West Coast

Ray T. Thompson

145 Old Camellias of the Gulf Coast

Edwina N. Mogabgab

152 Notes on Some Old Varieties

A. A. Hunt

154 Camellia Cottage

J. J. Whitfield

158 A Patriarch Among Camellias

J. M. Napier

162 The Camellia City of the South

J. M. Napier

166 Camellias in Vicksburg

Mrs. J. D. Pond

168 Camellias In and Around Washington D.C.

Jerry Hill

171 Winter Damage to Camellias at the University of Washington Arboretum

Robert J. Hansen

176 Camellias After the Winter 1949-1950

Mrs. G. W. Tritle

178 An Amatuers Experience with Camellia Japonica in the Northern Camellia Belt

C. Raymond Mays, M.D.

182 Protecting Camellias

Dmitri Vail

193 Greenhouse Camellia Culture

Dr. Royal Gick

201 Growing Camellias on a Porch

Mrs. F. E. Newbold

204 Delayed in Transit

Dr. Mouriee Amsler

206 Bare-Rooted Camellias

Sterling S. Tompkins

208 Planting Camellias: What, When, Where and How

John Niles Sewell

210 Soils and Soil Treatment for Camellias

Harry L. Daunoy

216 Soil Acidity and Camellia Growth

Nathan Gammon, Jr. and R. J. Wilmot

221 Nutrient Solution Fertilization in Relation to Feeding Camellia Plants Through the Leaves

Dr. Walter E. Lammerts

224 Nugreen as a Source of Nitrogen for Camellias

Edgar C. Tullis

227 Plant Patents

S. Henry Edmunds

233 Large Ones Can Be Grafted

William L. Gray

236 Growing Camellias from Seed

Fred T. Bergstrom

238 Graft Cutting Method of Propogating Camellias

Shogo Yamaguchi

241 Studies on the Propogation of Camellia Japonica Using Leaf Bud Cuttings and Root-Inducing Substances

H. Hamilton Williams

246 Propogation of Camellias by Cuttings

R. F. Stevens

254 Camellia Flower Blight

Roy A. Young and J. A. Milbrath

261 Control of the Insect Pests of Camellias

L. C. Kuitert

269 Excerpts from Panel Discussion at Annual Meeting, American Camellia Society, Lafayette, Louisiana, January 21-22, 1950

Prof. H. K. Riley

274 Dr. Nurseryman and "Camellia-Itis"

Margaret F. Higdon

280 Southern California Camellia Garden

Ronald B. Townsend

284 Norfolks Bureau of Parks Look to its Camellias

Frederic Heutte

288 Verschaffelt's Nouvelle Iconographie Des Camellias

George Graves

298 Color Photography of Camellias

Herbert V. Mitchell

303 The Fine Art of Arranging Flowers

Mrs. W. T. Wood

306 The 1950 Arrangement Contest

Mrs. W. T. Wood

315 Illges Medal Award 1950

W. T. Wood

319 History of the Temple City Camellia Festival

Mrs. Frank L. Maxey

322 Camellia Show Reports

339 List of Members

420 Index

432 Advertisers