1951 American Camellia Yearbook

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ii Edition and Copyright

iv American Camellia Society: Officers, State Directors and Director's-at-Large

v Table of Contents

1 Injury of Camellias by Cold

H. S. Wolfe

8 Cold Damage to Camellias, Winter of 1950-51

M. J. Funchess

38 More Remarks on Cold Injury

J. I. McClurkin, Jr.

43 Progress Report on Studies of Growth and Flowering Characteristics of Camellia Varieties

F. S. Batson

61 Landscaping the Home Grounds with Camellias

H. B. Owens

64 Camellia Nomenclature- A Glance Into the Future

W. H. Camp

73 Trials and Tribulations of a Nomenclator

A. Fendig

79 Notes on Some Australian Camellias

D. L. Feathers

85 The Caledonia Nursery

E. G. Waterhouse

93 Camellias in Another Continent

Collingwood Ingram

98 Camellias and Camellia Growing in Germany

A. Steffen

102 Northern Line for Camellias Growing Outdoors in Japan

K. Sawada

105 The Discovery of Camellia Rusticana

M. Honda

110 Camellia Species for Future Development

Ralph Peer

117 Camellia Research at the Louisiana Agricultural Experiment Station

W. D. Kimbrough and R. H. Hanchey

122 The Influence of Photoperiod and Light Intensity on the Initiation and Development of Flower Buds of Camellias

E. W. McElwee

130 The Effect of Several Organic Mulches on Soil Reaction, Nitrates and Growth of Camellias

J. Herbert

141 Chemistry as Applied to the Growing of Camellias

R. A. Merritt

150 Water Quality in Relation to Camellia Culture

H. E. Pearson

160 Camellias and Soil Fertility

O. A. Matkin

166 Fertilizing Your Camellias and Mine

J. L. Cope

174 Camellia Fertilization

W. P. Dean

176 Nugreen Gives Camellias New Life

R. M. Hoffman

178 Canned Camellias

C. Chidamian

182 California Camellia Container Culture

W. B. Mulholland

186 Camellia Reticulata in Australia

C. R. Merrillees

192 Propagation of Camellia Japonica by Cuttings

C. R. H. Hanchey and W. D. Kimbrough

196 Response of Camellia Cuttings to Rooting Compounds

L. L. English

204 Additional Information on the Cause and Control of Corky Excrescence on Camellia Leaves

A. G. Plakidas

207 Systox- A Control for Camellia Scale

E. C. Tullis

209 Plant Quarantines - A Necessary Evil

A. C. Brown

219 Methyl Bromide Fumigation of Camellia Cuttings

E. T. Gammon

223 Some Notes on the Plant Quarantine Fumigation of Imported Camellias

H. H. Richardson

228 The Export of Plant Material to Distant Countries

W. G. Hazlewood

233 Moving Large Camellias

J. Olrich

236 Camellias in the Deepest South

V. L. Deane

239 Camellias in South-Central Florida

D. K. Stabler

244 Camellias in a Sand Pile

Mrs. S. Caldwell

248 Camellias Are Adaptable to High Temperatures and Low Humidity

A. E. Morrison

255 Growing Camellias in Full Sun

O. E. Hopfer

257 Growing Camellias in the Piedmont Area of South Carolina

C. Morris

262 Camellias in Washington

Mrs. E. L. Tolson

265 What About a Greenhouse?

S. L. Marbury

267 Camellias in Pennsylvania

Dr. and Mrs. S. L. Nyce

272 Early Varieties and Their Value

J. N. Sewell

278 A Few Antique and a Few New Camellias

A. M. Stowe

284 My Seedling Camellias

H. F. Short

289 Ninety-Six Years a House Plant

E. L. and Aleita Scott

291 The Tea Farm

L. A. Walker and C. F. Prettyman

293 The D. C. Strother Camellia Collection

J. I. McClurkin, Jr.

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