1970 American Camellia Yearbook

Table of Contents

Inside Cover and Copyright

What is the American Camellia Society?

ii Spencer C. Walden, Jr

v Dedication to Spencer C. Walden, Jr

G. Stuart Watson

ix American Camellia Society: Officers, State Directors, Directors-at-Large, Fellows, Past Presidents

x Table of Contents- Color Illustrations

1 A Journey Amongst Camellias

Theodore Buckert

15 Further Observations on the Use of Gibberellic Acid

W. D. Kimbrough and Claude Balckwell

18 Things Camelliawise in Japan, Part II

Charles L. Keeton

23 New West Coast Introductions for Fall of 1969

Willard F. Goertz

26 Warabe Tsubaki

Dr. T Kuriya

28 Camellia Daisy Eagleson-A Chimera

Dr. L. R. Byrd, Jr.

34 Classification of Camellia Seedlings

David L. Feathers

37 American Camellia Society 1968-69 Popularity Poll

J. Carroll Reiners

46 Adaptation of Camellia Species to Marthas Vineyard

Mary Louisa B. Hill

55 The Miniatures Are Here

Ernest E. Pieri

60 The Camellia and Bonsai

Dr. Lynn B. Stitt

65 Interspecific Hybridization of Camellia

William L. Ackerman

79 Excerpts from Books, Lectures and Magazine Articles

Irene D. Nehrling

89 Germination of Reticulata and Hybrid Seeds

F. N. Spencer and H. P. Matthews

94 Growing Reticulata Seedlings

Lyn and Fred Spencer and Matt Matthews

100 Intergeneric Hybrids of Camellia with Related Genera

William L. Ackerman

106 New Camellias in the Southeast

Joseph H. Pyron

109 Background of Japanese Feelings Toward Camellias

Yoshiaki Andoh

117 Robert O. Rubel, Jr.-Versatile Camellia Specialist

Joseph H. Pyron

124 Chromatographic Evidence for the Genetic Contamination of Camellia Saluenensis in Cultivation

Clifford R. Parks and Kathleen F. Case

134 Seventh Report of Varietal Differences in Cold Resistance of Camellia Buds

Clifford R. Parks and Kathleen F. Case

153 Don't Sell Sasanquas Short

Wendell M. Levi

161 Camellias Registered 1969

171 1968-69 Arrangement Contest

Mrs. Francis L. Edmondson

210 Lorenzo Bernardo Berlese 1784-1863

Dott. Ing. Antonio Sevesi

213 List of Members

307 List of Member Societies and Clubs

310 List of International Members