1971 American Camellia Yearbook

Table of Contents

Inside Cover and Copyright

The American Camellia Society Endowment Fund

ii Dr. J. M. Hable, Jr.

v Dedication to Dr. J. M. Hable, Jr.

viii American Camellia Society: Officers, State Directors, Directors-at-Large, Fellows, Past Presidents

ix Table of Contents- Color Illustrations

1 The Paradoxical Delights of Camellia Show Rule Making

Milo E. Rowell

7 Japan and Tsubaki

Houghton S. Hall

15 Appreciation of Les Marbury

Dr. J.M. Habel

17 David L. Feathers

19 Joseph H. Pyron

20 The 1970 Status of Camellia Flower Blight

Luther W. Baxter, Jr.

30 The Tea Scale and Its Control

Costas A. Kouskolekas

39 New West Coast Introductions for 1970-1971

Wilbur W. Foss

41 New Camellias in the Southeast

Joseph H. Pyron

43 Supplemental List-Camellias Registered in 1970

51 The Snow Camellia in Japan.pdf

Jack E. Craig

59 Japans Higo Camellias.pdf

Jack E. Craig

64 Camellia Pitardii var. Yunnaniea.pdf

T. J. Savige

67 Italian Camellia Pioneer-Count Bernardino Lechi 1775-1869.

Dott. Sevesi

76 The Camellia in Europe - Its Introduction and Development

Leng and Bunyard

82 Floricultural Intelligence - New Work on the Camellia by

L'Abbe Berlese from Hovey's Magazine of Horticulture 1835-1868

84 Some Observations on Camellia Heredity

David L. Feathers

86 Interspecific Hybridization of Camellias with Particular Reference to Fragrance

Robert K. Cutters, M.D.

96 A Progress Report on Breeding Camellias for Winter Tolerance

Clifford R. Parks and fRobert J. Armstrong

107 Winter Hardiness of Camellias at Glenn Dale, Maryland

W. L. Ackerman

115 Eighth Report on Varietal Differences in Cold Resistance of Camellia Buds

Wendell Levi

128 The Hybrid Story

L. R. Shuey

140 Early Camellias and Camellias in the Boston Area

Irene D. Nehrling

147 1969-1970 Arrangement Contest

Mrs. Paul (Viola) Kincaid

189 List of Members

275 List of Member Societies and Clubs

277 List of International Members