1972 American Camellia Yearbook

Table of Contents

Inside Cover and Copyright

History Of The American Camellia Society Endowment Fund

ii Payne H. Midyette

v Dedication to Payne H. Midyette

Mrs. T. Jeff Smith

viii American Camellia Society - Officers, State Directors,Directos-at-Large, Fellows, Past Presidents

ix Table of Contents-Color Illustrations

1 1966-The Year of Decision

Payne H. Midyette

4 First, You Have To Catch A Bear

Clyde X. Copeland

6 Our Introduction To Camellias

Walter Harmsen

9 American Camellia Society 1971 Popularity Poll

J. Carroll Reiners

18 Exhibiting Camellia Blooms

Thomas C. Evans

21 Attracting More Visitors To Camellia Show and Mid-Winter Festival

Graydon Ausmus

23 Judging

Milo Rowell

32 My Miserable Knowledge of Camellias

Clayton Hoff

38 Developing a Basis for Selecting More Winter-Tolerant Camellias

Clifford R. Parks

43 Off Season Grafts

W. F. Wilson

45 A Report on Use of Artifical Light on Camellia Seeds

Douglas H. Batt

47 A New Camellia Introduction, C. nokoensis Hayata

W. L. Ackerman

51 'Kwari-Ba Tsubaki': Japan's Haunted Camellias

Jack Craig

59 Too Much Gibbing?

Payne H. Midtette

61 New Camellias From The West Coast

John Movich

66 Some New Ones Coming Up

Joseph H. Pyron

69 Italian Camellia Pioneer, Dr. Luigi Sacco (1769-1836)

Dott. Ing. Antonio Sevesi, Milan, Italy

74 In Appreciation of Robert Owens Rubel, Jr.

George E. Newton

77 Basic Camellia Culture

77 Tips for Beginners

Bob Waters

83 Growing Outdoor Camellias

88 What About Fertilizers?

Ernest Pieri

102 Importance of Soil Acidity

103 Planting Camellia Seed

106 Rooting Cuttings

115 Disbudding

109 Cleft Grafting

116 Using Gib Acid

119 Prune for Vibrant Youth and Exhibition Blooms

J. Carroll Reiners

197 List of Member Societies and Clubs

122 Root Pruning

123 Bare Rooting Camellias

Son Hackney

125 Camellias Registered in 1971

138 Ninth Report on Varietal Differences in Cold Resistance of Camellia Buds

Wendell Levi

158 1970-1971 Arrangement Contest.pdf

206 Repetitive Flowering from a Single Floral Axis in Camellia

William L. Ackerman

299 List of International Members

211 Winter Hardiness of Camellia lutchuensis Interspecific Hybrids.pdf

217 List of Members