1973 American Camellia Yearbook


Original watercolor by Clara Maria Pope, England, 1820. This is one of four watercolors by Mrs. Pope to illustrate the projected second volume of Curtis' Monograph of the Genus Camellia. These and three original paintings for the Volume of 1819 are a part of the very valuable bequest of Mrs. Phinizy Calhoun to ACS.

Table of Contents

i Inside Cover, Copyright, and Progress of the American Camellia Society Endowment Fund

iii Copyright and Title

v Dedication: Mr. and Mrs. Caryll W. Pitkin

vii American Camellia Society Officers, State Directors, Directors-at-Large, Fellows and Past Presidents

ix Table of Contents and Listing of Color Illustrations

1 History of Massee Lane

6 A Tall Texan-George B. Morgan

by Lois and Dudley Boudreaux

9 Howard Asper Conquers Mexico

by Alys Honey

11 Accelerate Plant Growth

by J. Carroll Reiners

18 Airlaying - Here's How

by Mrs. Edward L. Tolson, Jr.

20 Pruning

21 Cultural Practices to Protect Camellias From Cold Injury

22 Leaf Bud Propagation

23 Composting-Refresh the Tired Earth

24 Speeding Up The Flowering of Seedlings

25 Mailing and Storing Scions

26 Heating and Cooling a Greenhouse

by J. H. Tinga

30 The Espalier-Another Dimension in Camellia Use and Application

by Irving B. Anderson

44 A Challenge to Expert Camellia Researchers

by John N. Sewell

33 The Anti-Desiccant Story

by J. Carroll Reiners

34 A Common Greenhouse Culture Problem

by James K. Rathmell, Jr.

36 Tea Scale Control with Trunk Applications of Systemic Insecticides

by H. H. Tippins

39 A Note On Disbudding Camellias

by W. F. Wilson, Jr.

41 Growing Camellias Out of Doors in Southern Connecticut

by Dever C. Warner

49 Chromosomal Chimeras of Camellias 'Fragrant Pink' Produced by Colchicine Treatment

by W. L. Ackerman and Haig Dermen

58 Progeny Analysis of Scented Camellia Hybrids

by W. L. Ackerman

68 Interspecific Hybridization of Camellias with Particular Reference to Fragrance

by Robert K. Cutter, M.D.

73 The Species Purpurea-Variety 'Kuro Tsubaki'-Controversy

75 Some Further Comment on Camellia Reticulata, The Waterhouse Lecture, 1972

90 A Point Scale for Judging Seedlings

by David L. Feathers

94 New Releases of Camellias From The West Coast

by Al Parker

96 American Camellia Society 1972 Popularity Poll

by J. Carroll Reiners

97 The World of Miniatures

by Ernest Pieri

104 Visiting Camellias

by Dr. T. Watanabe

111 "Tsura Tsura Tsubaki"

by Mrs. Masako Shirasu

117 Tenth Report On Varietal Differences In Cold Resistance Of Camellia Buds

by Wendell Levi

137 New Zealand-A Fantasy Land

by Jack Osegueda

147 Notes On Our Visit To Gardens Of England April 1972

by Louis and Minnie Lee Squyres

153 Camellias In Northern Italy and Southern England

by Milton H. Brown

176 Italian Camellia Pioneers, Count Lavinio Medici Spada

by Dott. Antonio Sevesi

178 Restoration Of LeConte Botanical Garden

184 Disappearing Varieties

188 Supplemental List Camellias Registered in 1972

196 1971-1973 Artistic Arrangement Contest Section I

by Mrs. Milton R. Bell

210 1971-1973 Artistic Arrangement Contest Section III

by Mrs. Milton R. Bell

218 1971-1973 Artistic Arrangement Contest Section II

229 List of Members

308 List of Member Societies and Clubs

310 List of International Members

Color Plates