1974 American Camellia Yearbook Volume II

Volume II Contents

Inside Cover and Copyright

vi Joseph Hicks Pyron

vii Dedication to Joseph Hicks Pyron

by Mrs. A. B.(Elizabeth) Cooper

ix Dedication to N. Terrell Weaver

by Mrs. T. J. (Marguerite) Smith

xiii American Camellia Society: Officers, State Directors, Directors-at-Large, Fellows, Bronze Plaque Awards, Past Presidents

xvii Table of Contents and List of Color Illustrations

1 ACS Awards

2 The American Camellia Society's Library

by Joseph H. Pyron

8 Meetings of American Camellia Society-Annual and Fall

by John N. Sewell

13 The American Camellia Society Endowment Fund-A Perspective

by Charles R. Butler

15 Camellia Family Trees

by Albert Fendig

24 Reticulata Hybrids Evaluated

by Willard F. Goertz

26 Woodroof Reports on New Varieties

by William Woodroof

29 The Camellia of the Year

by E. Kettle

31 A Discussion of the Camellia Reticulata

by David L. Feathers

36 Sasanquas on the West Coast

by Harold E. Dryden

40 Camellia Sasanqua

by Abram H. Cannon

50 New Camellias from the Southeast on the Show Circuit

by Clyde X. Copeland

51 New Camellia Introductions from the West Coast

by Melvin L. Gum and William E. Woodroof

53 Camellias in the Northeast.pdf

by Walter H. Burden, Jr.

57 Camellia Insect Control

by Gene R. Strother

63 Studies on Twig Blight, Canker, and Dieback of Camellias

by Luther W. Baxter, Jr.

76 A Current Look at the Gib Picture

by Willard F. Goertz

80 A Camellia Season with Gibberellic Acid

by Arthur A. Maryott

84 Grafting the Big Ones

by W. C. Freshwater

88 A Successful Grafter

by O. D. Hyatt and Tom Eagleson

91 Growing Camellias from Seed Requires Care and Patience

by Dick Richardson

95 Observations on New Camellia Hybrids

by F. E. Johnstone, Jr. and C. R. Parks

102 Camellia Japonica 'Dewa-Tairin'

by T. Savige

106 New Information on Yunnan Reticulatas from China

by Kinhachi Ikeda

118 Green Thumb Tips for the Urban Gardener-Mulching Ornamentals

123 How I Grow Camellias Under Glass

by Richard E. Ward

134 Bushland to National Camellia Garden-a Great Australian Achievement

by Eric Craig

142 Report on C. reticulata: E.G. Waterhouse National Camellia Garden

by Eric Utick

144 Thoughts on Camellia Sasanqua in New Zealand

by Harry Cave

148 Tsubaki Trilogy-A History of the Camellia in Japan

by Satohu Ogisu

167 Establishing Camellias and Maintaining Camellias in Western North Carolina

by Robert E. Shull

176 Camellias Flourish in North Carolina's Unique Elizabethan Garden

by Mrs. William Kemp

158 Galicia Revisited

by Hubert B. Owens

183 Camellia-Bordered Rose Window-McRae United Methodist Church

184 Camellia Research Is Fun

by Ken C. Hallstone

174 Color Rhythm in the Lathhouse

by Gertrude Thurman Stump

191 Camellia Hybridization Guidelines

by David L. Feathers

186 The Search for Floral Fragrance in Camellias

by W. L. Ackerman

198 Interspecific Hybridization of Camellias with Particular Reference to Fragrance

by Ken Hallstone

202 Some Personal Observations on Hybridizing

by Frank V. Pursel

204 A Possible New Dimension in Camellia Hybrids

by L. E. Jury

209 Some Good and Bad Garden Camellias

by Leslie Riggall

212 Reflection on this Years Show Winning Blooms

by E. Kettle

214 The Judges Have Spoken

218 Arrangement Contest, 1973-74

by Mrs. Mynelle (Hal E.) Haywood and Mrs. Ethel (William H.) Smith

229 Camellias Registered in the Past Year

241 List of Members

281 List of Member Societies and Clubs

283 List of International Members