1974 American Camellia Yearbook Volume I

Volume I Contents

v Dedication

Dedication to U. S. District Court Judge Sherrill Halbert

viii ACS Officers, State Directors, Directors-At-Large, Fellows, and Past Presidents

ix Table of Contents and List of Illustrations

1 ACS Awards.pdf

2 Camellias - Future Outlook

by David L. Feathers

5 Illges Award Winners - The Blue Chips of the Camellia Market

by Jon Laird Carvain

10 Why Go to Camellia Show and Attend American Camellia Meetings

by Mark S. Cannon

12 The Camellia, One of the Orient's Gifts to the West

by Lacy Bullard

18 In Appreciation of Mrs. William Parks Stevens and Her Magnificent Gift to ACS

by Joseph H. Pyron

20 In Appreciation of Carroll T. Moon

22 In Memory of Emory J. Prevatt

by Paul S. Sanders

23 Life was a Joyous Adventure to Dr. Bob

25 A Legacy of Camellias

by Mrs. Harold R. Cockrell

26 Starting with Camellias

30 Growing Camellias in the Sunshine

by Jay W. Ellis

33 Some Thoughts on Camellias

by Ferrol Ilene Zerkowsky

36 Selecting and Buying Camellias

by Arthur Squyres

39 Platonic Friends in a Camellia Garden

by Buxton White

42 Camellia Etiquette

by Mansfield Latimer

47 Camellia Alphabet

50 How the Camellia Came to Augusta Georgia

by Naomi Holt Barnard

55 Chinka-Shu The Ito List of Camellia Cultivars 1879

by Yosiaki Andoh

64 What of the Sasanqua

by David L. Feathers

66 Judging - Objective or Subjective

by J. Carroll Reiners

68 What Constitutes a Good Camellia Judge

by Clif W. Lattin

82 The Reticulata Story

by Harold E. Dryden

86 Chinese Accounts of the Yunnan Reticulatas

by E. G. Waterhouse

96 A Cytological Study of Black Camellias and its Taxonomic Implications

by William L. Ackerman

103 Interspecific Hybridization of Camellias, with Particular Reference to Fragrance

by Dr. Robert K. Cutter

107 Inheritance of Flower Size and Petal Substance in Camellia Japonicared.pdf

119 Studies on the Use of Benomyl (Benlate) for Controlling Certain Camellia Diseases, A Progress Report

by L. W. Baxter, Jr.

123 Treatment of Camellia Dieback with the Systemic Fungicide Griseofulvin

by Walter F. Homeyer, Jr.

126 New West Coast Introductions for Fall of 1973

by Bill Woodruff

127 What About New Varieties?

by Mark S. Cannon

129 Old and New-Good Maybe?

by W. F. Wilson, Jr.

131 New Camellias of Promise in the Southeast

by Joseph H. Pyron

133 The Look-Alike - Please fold, Spindle and Mutilate

by J. Carroll Reiners

136 Making the Camellia Show Scene

137 1972-1973 Artistic Arrangement Contest: Section I

by Mrs. Milton R. Bell

150 1972-1973 Artistic Arrangement Contest: Sections II and III

by Mrs. Milton R. Bell

167 Camellias Registered in 1973

Color Plates