1975 American Camellia Yearbook

Table of Contents

Inside Cover and Copyright

ii Clyde X. Copeland

ii Dedication to Clyde X. Copeland

by Walter F Wilson, Jr.

vii American Camellia Society, Officers and Directors

viii Board of Trustees of the American Camellia Society Endowment Fund

ix ACS Fellows and Bronze Plaque

x Table of Contents and List of Color Illustrations

1 In Appreciation

by Milton H. Brown

3 Amendments to the Charter and the By-Laws

6 ACS Awards - Illges Seedling Japonica Awards, Peer Sasanqua Awards, Sewell Mutant Awards, and Harris Hybrid Awards

7 Lichen Grown on Camellias

by Gerald Smith

8 Beware of Deep Planting

by Gerald Smith

9 Camellia Mining Scale

by G. W. Dekle and L. C. Kuitert

15 Effects of Benomyl on Camellia Dieback

by D. L. Gill

20 Camellias and Sulphur-Coated Urea

by W. L. Ackerman and H. T. Jayne

23 Bud Drop and Bullnosing in Camellias

by C. Blumenthal

26 A Camellia Oddity

by Armond and Helen Caputi

28 Camellia Diseases in Florida

by H. N. Miller and R. S. Millin

49 Camellia Culture Under Glass

by Chiun T. Ling, M.D., Sc.D.

62 Guide-Posts for Camellia Show Judges

by Harold E. Dryden

76 The Greenhouse Fever

by Anonymous

88 "Open Sesame"

by Gertrude Thurman Stump

91 Camellia Flower Blight

by Luther W. Baxter, Jr. and Susan G. Fagan

95 Camellia Species for the Garden

by Leslie Riggal

100 Camellias as Houseplants

by Pat Walton

107 Camellias a la Carte

by Lloyd J. Huerkamp

103 Camellias in Condominiums

by Ivan J. Mitchell

108 My Camellias with Unusual Leaves

by Thomas Perkins, III

114 Interspecific Hybridization of Camellias With Particular Reference to Fragrance

117 Gibberellic Acid-Flower Bud Vs. Vegetative Bud

by W. F. Wilson, Jr.

119 Growing Reticulatas in Virginia Beach

by Mrs. M. K. (Zelma) Crockett

122 Camellia Reticulata in Galicia

by Robert Gimson

130 The California Camellia Season-1975

by Willard F. Gorrtz

133 Bloom Blight at Show Time

by Robert Matthews

135 Guidelines in Choosing Camellias

by John N. Sewell

139 Bareroot-First Order of Business

by James H. McCoy

141 The Judges Have Spoken

by Milton H. Brown

149 Additional New Information on Yunnan Reticulatas from China

by Kinhachi Ikeda

157 Camellia Bonsai

by Jack T. Swan, M.D.

159 The Channel Islands and the International Camellia Society

by Milton H. Brown

172 Carving a Camellia in Relief in Lead Crystal

by Pamela Schloz

176 Key Clubbers are Real Show Helpers

177 American Cooks Overwhelm Australian Camellians

by Eric Craig

189 International Camellia Society Wins Coveted Gold Medal of Royal Horticultural Society

by Dr. J. A. (Jimmy) Smart

193 Portrait in Camellia

by Yolande Gwin

198 Oriental Hoax Blossoms Into Southern Belle

by Sandra Rivard

197 Judge Emeritus Designation Adopted

200 Camellias of China

by Clifford R. Parks

208 Container Culture

211 Some Views on the Distribution of a Caroellia in Toyama Prefectore and Gifu

by Kenzo Iriyama and Seiji Takebe

213 Neglected Beauties

by James H. McCoy

216 Camellias - The ABC's of Camellia Growing

by Rex Murfitt

209 Changes to "Rules and Regulations Governing Procedures of Judging of American Camellia Cooperative Shows"

220 Do You Fertilize the Camellia Plant, the Soil or Your Ego?

by J. Carroll Reiners

223 The 1974-1975 Artistic Arrangement Contest

by Mrs. Ethel B. Smith and Mrs Hal E. (Mynelle) Haywood

235 Camellias Registered in Last Year

243 Membership Roster for 1975

244 Amendments to the Rules and Regulations Covering Special Awards, Medals, Trophies and Honors