1976 American Camellia Yearbook

Table of Contents

Inside Cover and Copyright

ii William P. Kemp

v Dedication to William P. Kemp

Douglas Deane Hall

ix American Camellia Society, Officers and Directors

x Board of Trustees of American Camellia Society Endowment Fund

xi ACS Fellows, Bronze Plaque

xii Table of Contents

1 ACS Awards

2 "Spirit of Camellias 1976"

Graem Yates

3 In Appreciation of Jay Ellis

Joseph H. Pyron

4 The Effect of Soil Aeration and Drainage on the Root Growth

14 Gibberellins

Douglas and Marilyn Batt

21 Think Before You Gib or Gibberellic Acid Is Not Altogether a Miracle Drug

William Y. Bennett

23 The Technique and Fundamentals of Camellia Hybridizing

Ken Hallstone

30 Camellia Nutrition or Whats In A Fertilizer

William Y. Bennett

34 The Effect of 6-Furfmylaminopurine Kinetin in Conjunction With Naphthaleneacetic Acid

A. G. Stanley

38 What is a Chimera?

William A. Ackerman

42 Pruning

R. A. Sansing, Jr.

46 Pruning II

Richard Clere

48 Leaf Miners on Ornamental Plants

Rodney Coleman

50 Aphids on Ornamental Plants

Rodney Coleman

52 Growing Camellias in Containers

Russel Gainer

54 Growing Camellias in Wire Baskets

F. A. R. Try

57 John Donald Wade of Marshallville

Gerald J. Smith

59 Jean Heurtin

Dr. Jean Creze

62 The Importance of a Good Show Program and Schedule

John N. Sewell

66 "See Deep"

Gertrude Thurman Stump

69 Color

David L. Feathers

70 Camellias Talk Back at the Dallas Camellia Show

Frank Bailey

74 Activities of a 23-Year Old Mens Camellia Club

Errett H. Callahan

77 Those Literary Camellias

79 Confounded by Camellias

William F. Barbish

82 Camellias at Planting Fields Aboretum

Philip J. Barczak

87 Robins Memorial Camellia

Marvin Jernigan

95 Professor Waterhouse and 'Eryldene'

102 A Historical Review of Taxonomic Complexes of Cultivated

Katuhiko Kondo

116 New Camellia Selections

Clifford R. Parks

120 The Carlyon Camellias

John T. Gallagher

124 Reticulata Camellias at the Antipodes

Tom Savige

133 New Disease In South Georgia Retic Fever

Hulyn Smith

136 A Revised List of Yunman Reticulatas

Kinachi Ikeda

146 Sasanqua - The Step-Child Camellia

David L. Feathers

151 New Camellia Introductions on the West Coast

Bill Donnan

155 Camellia Registration

Milton H. Brown

159 New Camellias Registered

165 The 1975-1976 Artistic Arrangement Contest

Mrs. Sam Hutaff

176 The Judges Have Spoken

Milton H. Brown

180 Conversion Charts

187 American Camellia Society Awards for Camellias

Joseph H. Pyron

194 Photographing Camellia Arrangements

Mrs. Paul Kincaid

198 Updating the New Miniature Camellias

Ernest Pieri

200 Membership Roster for 1976