1980 American Camellia Yearbook

Species and Varieties

1 The Origin

Dr. Bruce Bartholomew and Dr. Te-Tsun Yii

30 The Yellow Camellia Story-An Yunnan Report of Camellias

Dr. Bruce Bartholomew

37 The Judges Have Spoken

Milton H. Brown

41 Miniatures Updated


42 Grafting Camellias

Walter A. Wilson

46 Grafting Tips

E.C. Snooks

50 On-Site Grafting

Len Hobbs

53 Saddle Grafting

Ern Kettle

55 Grafting on Germinated Seeds

Tsuguo Ohta

61 Camellias, Planting and Care

Dr. Raymond L. Self and Dr. Ronald L. Shumack

65 Growing Camellias in Pots

Mrs. P. L. Hazell



114 Landscaping with Camellias

F. ("Rudy") Moore

123 Gordonia lasianthus Ellis Loblolly-bay

University of Georgia Botanical Garden, Drawing by Dianne Penny

128 Native Azaleas

Dr. Fred C. Galle

133 Sprayers for Yard and Garden

H. D. Hudson Mfgr. Company

142 Espalier Plantings Make Gardening Energy Saver

Sarah Cash

Membership Roster