1982 American Camellia Yearbook


1 Creating Your Own Plants

Richard A. Jaynes

9 Apartment and Condominium Camellia Gardens

Barbara Butler

13 ABC's of Disbudding

The San Diego Camellia Society, Editor E. C. Snook

15 Horticulturally Speaking

Committee on Horticulture

16 Growing Camellias on an Enclosed Porch

Carol B. Spehnkouch


19 Cultivar Characterization

J. F. Wendel and C. R. Parks

33 Now You Smell It, Now You Don't

Ken Hallstone

38 Viruses of Camellias

Luther W. Baxter, Jr.

47 The Life Cycle of a Camellia

P. G. Valder

59 Intergeneric Crosses

W. L. Ackerman and Margot Williams


68 Blossoming Harvard

73 Hardy Camellias in the Piedmont

Dr. Raymond Jenkins

77 Camellias in Lynchburg, VA

Norman H. Bowle

79 Baby It Was Cold Outside!

Ivan J. Mitchell

86 Growing Camellias Outdoors in New York City

Martin D. Bernstein

93 A Companion Plant to Camellias

Marvin Jernigan

97 The Stewartias

Mary G. Henry

100 Silky Camellia is a Wild Eye-Catcher

Threatened and Endangered Plants of Florida from the Division of Plant Industry Gainesville, Florida

Artistic Arrangement