1986 American Camellia Yearbook


1 Micropropagation of Camellia

Kenneth C. Torres and Jackie Carlish

8 Creating Your Own Plants

Richard A. Jaynes

16 Concepts of Camellia Culture

J. Carroll Reiners

21 Repotting the Big Ones

E. C. Snooks


57 A Hardy Camellia in East China

Gu. Ying and He. Shan-An

Artistic Arrangement

69 1985ยท1986 Artistic Arrangement Design Contest

Mrs. Clarence Dodson and Mrs. R. D. McNeill, co-chairman

Species and Varieties

79 The Judges Have Spoken

85 Gigantea - Kelvintoniana - Jacksonii

T. J. Savige

88 New Camellias Registered Since 1985 Yearbook

95 New and Best Varieties Growing in the Gulf Coast Area

John Terry, Col. E. L. Atkins, Robert Gramling, James Newell, Robert Sansing, Jr., John Geiser, Roy Stringfellow, William F. LaRose, Vi Stone, Bagby Hall, Dr. Lyle Robertson, Dr. David Schiebert and Alfus Johnson

105 New Camellias on the West Coast

Bill Donnan

112 The Origin and Classification of the Garden Varieties of Camellia Reticulatas

Dr. Bruce Bartholmew and Dr. Te-Tsun Yii