1987 American Camellia Yearbook


76 Massee Lane Survivors

Belly Hotchkiss

Artistic Arrangement

66 The 1986-87 Artistic Arrangement Contest

Mrs. Clarence Dodson and Mrs. R. D. McNeill, III

Species and Varieties

5 Studies on the Origin of Camellia x vernalis

Takayuki Tanaka, Shunpei Uemoto and Clifford R. Parks

19 Progress Report on Evaluation of Kunming Reticulata Cultivars

G. H. Goff and K. C. Hallstone

38 The Judges Have Spoken

44 Interspecific Hybrids between Camellia vietnamensis and C. chrysantha

Shinsaku Nadamitsu, Yoshiaki Andoh, Katsuhiko Kondo and Michiharu Segawa

50 Cytogenetic Studies on the Origin of Camellia vernalis II

Takayuki Tanaka, Naotoshi Hakoda and Shunpei Vernota

79 New Camellias Registered Since 1986 Yearbook