1990 American Camellia Yearbook


1 Camellia Pests

L. L. English

153 Facts and Fallacies About Camellias

Dr. Leslie Stankler


157 Another Cause of Decline and Dieback in Camellia - Zinc Toxicity

Dr. Clifford Parks

161 Verification of Hybridity of Camellia Hybrids

Ernelea P. Cao and Dr. Clifford Parks

169 Camellia Flower Blight-A Summary of Nine Years of Tests

Dr. Gordon H. Holcomb

174 Viruses in Camellias

Nevan Ofsoski, Peter Long, Peter Fenenmore, Hugh Neilson and Bruce Christie, The Camellia Memorial 1tust (Inc.)

178 A Comparision of Quantitative Characters of Leaf and Flower in Camellia japonica

Katsuhiko Kondo, Ninoru Fujishin8, Haiyan Na, Lifang Xia and Zhijian Gu

9 Progress Report on Camellia Breeding

Walter E. Lammerts

14 Chromosome Relationships in Cultivated Species of Camellia

E. K. Janaki Ammal