1991 American Camellia Yearbook


99 A Comparative Study in Giemsa C-banded Karyotypes of Four Species of Camellia

Zhijian GU; Tiaojiang XIAO; Lifang XIA and Katsuhiko KONDO

109 Variations in Karyotype and Nucleolus Number in Camellia Japonica

Zhijian GU; Katsuhiko KONDO and Yimg Shik KIM

115 The Long Road to Introducing Cold Hardy Camellias

W. L. Ackerman

119 Floral Pigmentation in F1 Hybrid Plant between Camellia japonica and Camellia chrysantha

Shupei UEMOTO; Ikuo MIYAJIMA and Toshiniko EGUCHI

123 A Karyomorphological Study of twelve Species of Chinese Camellia

Katsuhiko KONDO; Kenji TANIGUCHI Noriyuki TANAKA; Lifang ZIA and Zhijian GU

130 A Karyomorphological Study of ten Species of Chinese Camellia

Tiajiang XIAO, Zhijian GU, Llfang XIA and Katsuhiko KONDO

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