1992 American Camellia Yearbook


101 The Life Cycle of a Camellia

P. G. Valder

110 Camellia Flower Blight, 1992

Luther W. Baxter, Jr. and Charles A. Thomas, Jr.

113 Variations in Karyotype and Nucleous Number in Camellia Japonica

Zhijian Gu, Katsuhiko Kondo and Yang Shik Kim

118 Rapid Clonal-Propagation of Matricaria chamomilla by Tissue

Hiroyuki Takano, Moria Hirano, Kenji Taniguchi, Ryuso Tanaka and Katsuihiko Kondo

123 Karotypes in Wild Type and Some Cultivars of Camellia

Jugen Zhou, Katsuhiko Kondo and Michiyo Kato

131 Karyomorphological studies in Chinese Plant-Species

Katisuhiko Kondo, Kenji Taniguchi, Ryuso Tanaka and Zhijian Gu


157 1991-92 Design Contest

Mrs. Esther P. de Salinas