1993 American Camellia Yearbook


9 A Primary pH Greenhouse Calamity

by Dr. Daniel E. Nathan

66 Camellia Personality Lorenzo Bernardo Berlese

by Dott. lng. Antonio Sevesi

68 Camellia Personality Jean Heurtin

by Dr.Jean Creze

75 Camellia Personality John Donald Wade of Marshallville

by Gerald J. Smith

76 Camellia Personality Recollections of John P. Illges

by Dorothy (Mrs.john B.) Shepard

78 Camellia Personality Charles Puddle, VMH

by J. T. Gallagher

79 Camellia Personality Kosaku Sawada

by George Sawada

83 Camellia Personality A Man and His garden: Dave C. Strother and His Massee Lane

by Harriet Hentz Houser

87 Camellia personality A Visit to Dave Feathers Place

by Clifford C. Presnall

89 Camellia Personality L. E. Jury: A Noted New Zealand Camellia Hybridist

by Colin R. Spicer

91 Camellia Personality Ralph Sylvester Peer

by David L. Feathers

93 Camellia Personality Howard Asper: Advances on Camellia Research Frontiers

by Mrs. M. J. (Lilette) Witman

98 Camellia Personality Italian Camellia Pioneer: Dr. Luigi Sacco (1769-1836)

by Dott. Ing. Antonio Sevesi

101 Camellia Personality A Pioneer's Search for Camellias

by Joseph H. Pyron

107 Camellia Personality American Camellia Society's Unusual Camellia Library

by Joseph H. Pyron

110 ACS 1967-68 Popularity Poll

by J. Carroll Reiners

113 ACS 1968-69 Popularity Poll

by J. Carroll Reiners

121 ACS 1971 Popularity Poll

by J. Carroll Reiners

127 ACS 1972 Popularity Poll

by J. Carroll Reiners

149 American Camellia Catalog

151 American Camellia Catalog Introduction

153 American Camellia Catalog Complete Index of Illustrations

154 American Camellia Catalog: How To Use Your Classification Index

161 American Camellia Catalog Index


12 An Introduction to the Utilization of Camellia Oil in China

by Xia Li-fang, Zhang Ao-Iuo, and Xiao Tiao-jiang

45 A New Record of Camellias From Quizhou

by Lin Mingfia and Lu Qiming, translated by T.J. Savige

50 A Revision of Camellia Section Thea

by Ming, Tien-lu, translated by Gao, Jiyin



134 1992-93 Design Contest

by Mrs. Esther P. de Salinas