Camellia Journal March 2011 - May 2011

Volume 66, Number 1

March 2011 - May 2011 Table of Contents

‘Lady Laura,’ originated by T. E. Lundy of Pensacola, Florida and registered with ACS by him in 1974. The large pink flowers are striped with darker pink. The flowers are exhibition quality and the plant is more than garden worthy. Cover Photo by Brad King.


Where there is laughter, there is Hope

Story and Photos By Bradford King.

Some Good Things Come in Small Packages

Small, cluster blooming camellias put on a flower show in the garden By Bradford King.

Beautiful, Eye-Catching, Variegated Camellias

Solid colored flowers with added white blotches, or dashes of red or pink stripes, make these blooms striking. By Bradford King.


All Things Camellia: History of the Camellia Tea in Edgefield, S.C.

The Edgefield, S.C., Camellia Club offers formal teas in the historic, antebellum Magnolia Dale, and the key is an abundance of camellia blossoms. Henrietta Humphreys & Hal Irish.

All Things Camellia: Identification -- Taking the lead from the rose, A universally accepted procedure

We have a responsibility for having correct identifications on all varieties of camellias in our gardens. John Grimm says we should have a specific plan and “take the lead from the rose”.

Camellia Know How: Espalier training of camellias

“Espalier Training” - Brad King tells you how to choose the plants, train them and use them.

Camellia Chronicles

News of Special Interest to ACS Members

The Passing of a Camellia Icon

Hulyn Smith was a “hard man to beat” in Camellia shows, in the promotion of camellias, and in support of ACS. By Mark Crawford.

City of Lakeland Puts Camellia Society to Work

Volunteers plant camellias at the new Common Ground Park located in Lakeland, Florida. By Brian S. Dick.

Benefiting From a Legacy

The Greater Fort Worth Camellia Society has dedicated members, like Kay Berridge, who continue to support the work through their wills. By Martin J. Harwood.

California Camellia Buds for 42 Years

Three gentlemen are easily recognizable as movers and shakers in Northern California’s Camellia World. Reprinted from The Camilla Review.

Strong Leadership

ACS priorities will remain prudent financial management and promoting further membership growth, and strong leadership will make it happen, new ACS President Matt Hunter says.

A Camellia Blowout

Great people and great weather made a great Winter Annual Meeting at Massee Lane Gardens in February. ACS Executive Director Celeste Richard talks about it in her column.

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